Our Team

Meet the  A.S.S. Babes!


Anastacia | Owner + Micro Expert

Style Icon: Fredric Schwenk

Current Product Obsession: Oil Over

All Time Favorite Album: Portishead Dummy + The Queers Punk Rock Confidential

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Real Estate

Favorite Service: Brows. Duh.

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Minimal Makeup Exposing Fresh Skin


Heather | Studio Manager

Style Icon: Myself

Current Product Obsession: Green Eyes… sends the night owl bags packing

All Time Favorite Album: Bob Dylan in Concert: Brandeis University or anything Patty Griffin has ever recorded

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Aaron Lee Tasian – Silver Tears

Favorite Service: Brow Waxing

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Phytho Nutrient Oils


IMG_3387 (1).JPG

Courtney | Tan Expert

Style Icon: Mary Kate Olsen

Current Product Obsession: Our scrub Rad Face

All Time Favorite Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Oh My Klub - Drake

Favorite Service: Micro Pigmentation

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Lash Extensions

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Delaney | Skin Therapist + Lash Expert

Style Icon: Gigi Hadid - Athleisure

Current Product Obsession: Oil Over, Rad Face, Sunday Riley Luna Oil

All Time Favorite Album: A Musical Romance by Billie Holiday and Lester Young

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Deunde by Band of Heathens

Favorite Service: Lash Lift and Tint… All Lash Service

Current Fave Beauty Trend: No Makeup Trend


Baby J| Skin Therapist + Stylist

Style Icon:  Chloe Sevigny and Cholos in Santa Ana

Current Product Obsession: Rad Face...  yes please!

All Time Favorite Album: Makaveli By 2pac and Damaged By Flag

Current Heavy Rotation Album: We Got it From Here – Tribe Called Quest

Favorite Service: Facials and Brows

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Matte Lip … Thick Lashes


Katie | Micro Expert + Skin Therapist

Style Icon: Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Phieffer in Witches of Eastwick

Current Product Obsession: No Age (RETINOL)

All Time Favorite Album: David Bowie Low

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Kadhia Bonet – The Visitor

Favorite Service: Give: Anything involving brows // Receive: Dermaplaning

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Dewy, Glowing Skin


Kimberly | Skin Therapist + Tan Expert

Style Icon: Jessie Colter

Current Product Obsession: Oil Over

All Time Favorite Album: Aha Shake Heartbreak …KOL… it’s just so damn nostalgic

Current Heavy Rotation Album: Carolina Ghost, Caleb Caudle

Favorite Service: Braaaaaaazzzzilian

Current Fave Beauty Trend: Individuality