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Nashville's only organic skin studio specializing in sunless tanning, waxing, skin care, and micropigmentation. We are Eyebrow enthusiasts.





Muse Monday | Cher

anastacia wetzel


We're all about honoring our heroes and spreading the babe on babe love! Not sure about you guys, but we are so tired of hearing the "She's too this or she's too that" chit chat. We love all our sister friends and we think everyone is uniquely beautiful.  In an effort to spread the love and give you a taste of some of our style icons we have created Muse Monday.  Who better to kick it off than the one and only CHER?



Those brows, that tan! Cher has kept it perfect through the decades and we think she is the babe of all babes!

Baby J's Brazilian Tips


Hey Gals, Baby J here.  Summer is in full swing and I'm so stoked.  Like a true California girl, if the Sun's out, my buns are out! This means regular brazilian maintenance is a must.  I've been and esthetician for six years, but the pain of a brazilian is something I've never gotten used to.  Over the years, and through lots of trial and error, I've discovered a few tricks to get through the ordeal. 


Hair Growth  

Give it at least two weeks of untouched growth.  I know this is itchy.  I know it's annoying, but it's necessary to get the best results. ANNNNND if you're going to put yourself through this don't you want to make sure you get the best results possible?!? Let it grow babe! 

On the flip side of that… don't let it grow too long.  I know very few of us are regular every 4-6 week waxers.  But you may want to keep in mind that the longer you wait in between waxes the more uncomfortable it can be.  When you're waxing every 4-6 weeks the hair thins and gets on the same growth cycle making your appointments less painful and quick! Don't wait for that next fun weekend in the sun to get waxed, start getting regular brazilians ASAP. 


Pre Appointment 

I usually book time with my girl Kimberly a week in advance.  Kimberly is in the studio Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  If you need an early week appointment Delaney is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Katie is available for waxing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  All three of these babes are excellent waxers.  I would trust all of them with my lady bits!  

The day of my appointment I use a mild exfoliant in the shower.  I love our Rad Face exfoliant.  It's gentle enough for all my areas. Holler.  After the shower I avoid lotion and exercise. Basically I want a fresh surface for my waxer.  I also pop an Aleve 30 min before my appointment.  If you're really worried about the pain we also sell a topical numbing cream which can be applied 30 min before your appointment as well.  And if you're really really worried about the pain we have a full bar in the studio which you are welcome to.  Shots! Shots! Shots! (Cue Lil Jon)



Limber up babes, stretch!  Just kidding, but expect to be in the butterfly position for most of your service.  No time for modesty here babes, we've seen it all and it ain't nothing new for us.  So chat it up with your waxer.  I usually fill Kimberly in on my latest life news.  I tell her how cute my boyfriend is and how I can't stop online shopping, Etc. Etc. This usually helps me focus on anything but the discomfort.  Since I wax every four weeks on the reg my appointment is relatively quick.  I almost never get ingrown hairs but in the rare case of one I ask Kimberly to treat the problem area.  She works magic with those damn ingrowns so if you book with her ask about this add on.  


Post Appointment

Avoid any activities which may cause excessive sweating.  Your pores are wide open so keep it clean ya'll!  I have sensitive skin so I usually apply Finipil (which we provide free of cost) after my wax.  I also use tea tree oil at home if the rare ingrown does occur.  That's it! Easy breezy right babes?



OH PS...

Laser Babes

It's totally safe to get waxed in between your laser sessions.  In fact it's better for you than shaving so get your cute butt in here for a wax!




Baby J 

OMG Dehydration Drama




Pat Benatar was wrong.  Love is not a battlefield, dehydrated skin is the real battlefield.  Lucky for you, this is a battle the A.S.S. Babes are going to help you win.  As you know, here at Anastacia's we like to educate as well as treat.  So let's start by explaining what the heck dehydrated skin is anyway!

First, let's go over the difference between DRY skin and DEHYDRATED skin.  Dry skin is a skin type which lacks oil.  Dehydrated Skin can be found in all skin types.  Dehydration occurs when the skin is lacking water.  When the skin is dehydrated it overproduces oil to compensate for the missing water.  This can lead to irritation, breakouts, and dry patches.  Dehydrated skin can be caused by environmental stress (hello humidity), diet, and can even be a result of certain skincare products. YIKES!

Ok, so how do you know if you're skin is dehydrated? Take a look at it, do you appear more oily than normal.  Are you having unusual breakouts? A good indicator of dehydrated skin is the rate it absorbs products.  If you're face is sucking up moisturizer the moment you put it on, or if your foundation gets patchy throughout the day there's a good chance your skin is thirsty!!!! Feed it babes!

If you're skin is dehydrated there are a few things you can do.  Take a look at your diet and lifestyle. Maybe cut down on the wine, and this should go without saying but if you're a smoker, it's def time to quit.  Also take a look at your everyday products.  Are you using products that strip your skin of it's natural oils? Some harsh drug store cleansers are notorious for this! 

Ok now that we have fully freaked you out about Dehydrated Skin, let us give you tips to treat it.  Drinking more water is an obvious solution, but this alone is not a cure by any means.  We need to focus on rebuilding the skin barrier.  Power house ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C will help rebuild and restore, but if you're not exfoliating regularly these ingredients aren't working as hard as they can for you! We recommend exfoliating three times per week with a gentle scrub.  We also recommend booking a deep exfoliating treatment like Dermaplaning every four to six weeks.  If you aren't exfoliating your amazing (and probably expensive) products are just sitting on top of that dead skin.  Don't waste your time and money like that babe, be sure to exfoliate.  Did we mention you should exfoliate? 

It doesn't take a ton of extra time or money to treat dehydrated skin, it's more about being conscious and making a few minor changes.  If you still have some questions book a treatment with us and we will go over everything with you in detail! 

Date Night

anastacia wetzel

Spring is here and love is in the air! Here are some last min day of services that will have you looking your best for date night. We can get you in and out for all three of these services in less than an hour! So make sure you drop in and let the A.S.S. Babes get you ready for date night!



Drop in with a bare face for a quick 10 min treatment at our mask bar! The mask bar is great if you are on a time crunch. After your skin therapist analyzes your skin, she will apply a customized mask. This treatment will leave your skin feeling youthful and hydrated. Perfect for a night out with your sweetie!



There's something so empowering about a good bikini wax.  Even if no one sees it, it's just nice to treat yourself.  This service is relatively quick and will have you feeling confident and sexy!



Everyone knows life is so much better with a good tan! So if you're gonna pull out that LBD, you better make sure those stems are looking killer! The rapid tan develops within two hours leaving you with a perfect bronze!




anastacia wetzel

Well babes, vacation season is among us.  Before you Bon Voyage, make time for these three services! 

1. Lash Lift and Tint

I woke up like this, I woke up like this!  A lash lift and tint is a must for flawless wakeup and go vacation lashes.  In this treatment your natural lash is tinted and then curled, creating a voluminous natural look. It lasts 6-8 weeks and is a great alternative to lash extensions. Book with Delaney before you head on vacation. 

2. Bikini + Brazilian

Chances are if you're going on vacation, you're probably going to be spending some time in a bikini.   We know this service can be a bit daunting.  Don't worry babe, we got you.  Kimberly will get you in and out of there before you have a chance to feel a thing.  If you're still a bit concerned about the pain you can purchase NumbSkin, a topical numbing agent that will relieve almost all pain. 

3. Bronze

Is it just us or does everyone just feel so much better after a beautiful bronze.  It's the perfect way to even out the skin tone.  Tans last about a week so if you're vacationing longer than that we recommend using out bronzing foam while on your trip to extend the life of your bronze.  You can book this service with Courtney, Katie, Kimberly, Delany, Jenna, or Jordan.  You can also read more about what to do before and after your tan to get the best results HERE.  

Virgin Tanners?

anastacia wetzel

Spring has sprung early here in Nashville.  Which means you probably need a spray tan.  We decided to put together some tips for the first time tanners.  Or maybe just a refresher for you seasoned vets.

So you decided to get a tan and booked an appointment online.  What’s next? There are a few things to do the day of your appointment.  We recommend shaving and exfoliating before your appointment.  We also suggest ditching deodorant, body lotion, and oils for the day.  These products can cause your tan to streak or run.  Basically come in with fresh clean skin.

When you come to your appointment we recommend bringing a bikini bottom or pair of undies.  You are of course welcome to wear as little or as much as you like but tan lines for are great for first time tanners.  It’s a great way to see just how bronzy you are babe!  We also suggest bringing a set of loose fitting clothes to wear home.

After you check in for your appointment your tan expert will walk you through the tanning process.  She will apply a special lotion to your hands, which helps avoid streaking.  She will also suggest sticky feet, which will keep your feet clear from the bronzing solution. Your tan babe will discuss color with you, and go over developing time and aftercare.  She will then spray your body with bronzing solution, blot any blemished spots, and dry you off before sending you on your way.  The solution may feel a bit chilly, but the service shouldn’t last longer than six minutes.

Please keep in mind the aftercare you and your tan expert discuss.  It’s usually best not to wash your hands, workout, or wash your face until your tan has fully developed and you have showered.   Your tan may seem darker or blotchy while it’s developing, but when you shower you will be left with a silky glow!

This service is custom and varies from client to client.  If you get home and have any questions or concerns about your service be sure to give us a call or text.  We are happy to make this experience perfect for you!


anastacia wetzel



It’s the first of the month and that means Anastacia and Katie have opened their April books. Before you book online we wanted to go over a couple common questions about Micropigmentation. 

What the heck is Micropigmentation?

Unlike a traditional tattoo, micropigmentation is a form of artistry in which pigment is placed under your skin with a hand held tool.  This small tool allows the artist to create hair like strokes to add depth to your brows or scalp.  Unlike a traditional tattoo this technique is semi permanent which allows your artist to play with the shape and color of your service as the years progress.  A similar technique is used to create realistic freckles and beauty marks. 

Am I going to scar?

If micropigmentation is done correctly by a skillful artist there should be no scaring.  This would be a good time to talk about skill.  Anastacia has been performing this service for two full years and Katie respectively, a year.  They are extremely dedicated to their craft and have never scarred anyone.  We hope that you take the time to research your artist before committing to an appointment.  Look through before and afters, make sure they are reputable. 

Do you do consultations?

We do not do consultations.  We have provided ample amounts of information on or blog.  You will have a one on one consult before your service begins.  During that time your artist will go over desired style and answer any additional questions that you may have.  Be sure to ask all your questions while going through the numbing process.  Waiting till after to ask additional questions will affect the amount of time you are numb.  We want you to be completely comfortable so it is best to jump right into the appointment to insure you stay numb the entire time.

Wait, Does it hurt?

Pain is relative.  Some feel it more than others.  Overall it feels like little scratches.  You can feel it, but it isn’t unbearable.  We numb our clients before we begin and you may also purchase Numb Skin before your appointment if you’re really concerned about the pain.  Numb Skin is a topical anesthetic cream.

How long is the appointment?

We want to ensure enough time for every client to feel safe and happy.  We block off two hours for the appointment but the actual service is about 30-40 min.

We hope that will answer some immediate questions.  We also have a ton of information for you here.  Please read through everything before booking your appointment.




anastacia wetzel

It’s feeling a lot like spring in Nashville, so why not start trying spring beauty trends!  One of our personal favorites is the glossy eye, natural skin, full brow combo.  This look is relatively easy to achieve, but takes some discipline.


First, you must be taking care of your skin.  Because the sunny days are far sparse right now, it’s an excellent time to see your skin specialist for a peel or detox facial. Pair this with a strong at home beauty regime and you will have the dewy natural skin it takes to achieve this spring look! We really love using the AM/PM face wash and Rad Face scrub to achieve an at home glow!


The next part of this look is pretty easy to achieve, a natural full brow.  Ok, we say this with the most love in the world, but please put the tweezers and at home wax kits down! When you are growing out your brows every hair is crucial! Even tweezing one stray can change the entire shape of your brows.  Trust us babes, you’ll want to leave this part to the experts.  What you can play with is our brow gel.  This product is perfect for keeping those beautiful brows in place and adding a dash of color!  


The final phase of this look are those glossy lids.  This look is achieved in two steps. First, apply a shimmer shadow to the lid.  Something that doesn’t have glitter in it.  The peach hues in the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallete are amazing for this look.  Next, with your finger tap a gloss over the from the lash line to just passed the crease and let dry.  We really like The Eye Smudger from YSL because it creates a gloss effect without being sticky!


Pretty simple stuff right? Try it out and call or text to book that facial and brow shaping!


anastacia wetzel

We see so many girl bosses and we are so proud to have you as clients! We also understand that building an empire or taking care of your beautiful family can be time consuming! We think the Lash Lift and Tint is the perfect service for our busy babes!

So let’s break it down. In a nutshell the Lash Lift and Tint is a perm/dye job for your lashes. What’s this mean? It means you don’t have to wake up extra early to run mascara through those pretty lashes. Holler for extra sleep!

The service takes 45 minutes. The curl lasts 6-8 weeks and the tint lasts about 4 weeks. Our lash experts ask that you don’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. Other than that there is no downtime.

This service is a great option for our clients who want a little glam but don’t want to commit to lash extensions. If you have any questions about this service give us a shout or come by our Q+A tomorrow 1/25 at 7:45 pm on Instagram Live!