Brow How To

Are you looking to beef up your brows? We’ve got the perfect Brow Pencil and some tips to help you!


1.     Every artist needs a blank canvas so start with clean, dry brows.

2.     Brush your brows up with the spoolie end of the brow pencil. 

3.     Look at your natural shape and look for spots that need to be filled in.

4.     Starting with the brow sprouts softly begin to fill in sparse areas with a short blade like stroke.  Continue through the brow, ending at the tail.  

5.     Run the spoolie end of your brow pencil through your brows once again to set in place.

6.     Taadaaa perfect brows!


Still have questions?  Ask your brow babe to give you a quick lesson after your next wax appointment! We can help you pick a color and perfect your technique! 



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