We get a lot of questions about the "facials" we offer and honestly we don't offer any "facials". Facials and Skin Treatments are a little different. What we do is create a Skin Treatment based on your skin type and needs. Everyone's skin is going through something different all the time so we focus on treating what that issue is instead of simply giving you a facial because it feels good. If that's what you're interested in you should just book a massage instead. Most facials are basically a "Rub & Run", meaning they rub on your face for an hour with the standard products you use daily and run you out after you've paid some big bucks.

How we do things is... you book your treatment which starts at $40 and includes either a mask or an exfoliation. This is to cleanses the skin for the treatments you or your Skin Therapist will choose based on your skin. Each add-on is created to treat and give results! At your appointment our Skin Therapist will sit with you to ask you questions about your skincare activities and what you'd like to achieve. This is basically a consultation before they start the treatment.

Let me break down the options for you...

Extractions $10 - Obviously this is to extract all blackheads/whiteheads. The point is to get all that funk out of your skin so it can breathe!

Mask $10 - Using a mask is a great way to calm or cool the skin after an exfoliation or peel treatment. This is included in your treatment if you choose another add-on. If you choose this add on you will get the 'exfoliation' as you complimentary service during treatment.

Exfoliation $10 - This is one of the most important things we should do for our skin. Exfoliating helps remove dry/dull skin or excess oil. We use our own grainy microscrub to manually scrub away the gross stuff. If you choose this add on you will get the 'mask' as you complimentary service during treatment.

Peel $40 - Chemical Peels are extremely beneficial is creating a smooth and anti aging appearance. We offer several forms of peels chosen based on your skin and needs. If you choose this add on you will get the 'mask' as your complimentary service during treatment.

Dermaplaning $30 - One of our most popular services is now offered in our Skin Treatments. This is a huge beauty secret! (whoops). This is a form of exfoliation meets shaving. We suggest this to clients who have "peachfuzz" on the face or for clients who are too sensitive to waxing. No your hair doesn't grow back darker or thicker or blue or braided. It simply grows back like it was.

Microdermabrasion $80 - A classic form of exfoliation great for really dry or oily skin. This is not only great for the face but also on the back. A less abrasive way of exfoliating the skin with chemical peels. We suggest

Gold Collagen (neck, lips, or eyes) $10 / each - This is all the rage right now. Boost the growth of collagen and bring back its natural hydrating-capability and elasticity. This also minimizes pore size.

Hand Treatment $10 - Our hands are one thing we often forget about when it comes to beauty and protecting our skin from aging. This is a great way to add a little treat to your treatment.


Ok so now that we have cleared that up you can give us a call to set up your next appointment! Don't know what you need? All good, let us know and we will block off enough time to accommodate your needs.

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