We’ve all had the long, relaxing, massage heavy facial. Usually at a day spa and usually with Kenny G playing in the background. These facials are great. They calm your mind, but unfortunately they don’t do much for your skin.

Here at Anastacia’s we skip the boujee frills and focus on treatment. Our facials are designed to restore and rehabilitate your skin. We believe all our clients are unique individuals. Your skin is special and it needs a personalized plan of action. So here’s how it works…

1.  Book a skin treatment!

2.  Show up and meet with your skin therapist/new best friend! In the treatment room your Skin Therapist will analyze your skin and discuss your concerns and goals. From there she will customize your treatment.


Our girl Laurel has insanely beautiful skin. But like most folks this time of year she has been having some trouble keeping her skin hydrated. Environmental stress makes your skin vulnerable and can also cause premature aging. So we customized a treatment to help hydrate her already glowing skin.

She booked a Skin Treatment which includes a deep cleanse, and one add on. From the list of add ons, which you can view here, we decided a gentle exfoliation and hydrating gel mask would really help treat her thirsty skin. We completed the service with three products from our line that Laurel will continue to use at home for faster results. Those products were:


1.   Green Eyes (a gentle eye cream which nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin under our eyes)

2.   Oil Over (a hydrating anti aging serum that can be used under moisturizer for an extra boost of moisture)

3.   AM/PM (a gentle hyaluronic cream that encourages the growth of new collagen bars)  


Laurel’s treatment was fast and effective. Together we came up with goals for her skin and a plan to reach those goals. Laurel left with hydrated skin but she also left with knowledge. We make sure our clients walk out educated about the state of their skin.

If you have any questions about how our facials work or if you would like to book a skin treatment today give us a call. We look forward to building healthy skin habits with you!