It’s feeling a lot like spring in Nashville, so why not start trying spring beauty trends!  One of our personal favorites is the glossy eye, natural skin, full brow combo.  This look is relatively easy to achieve, but takes some discipline.


First, you must be taking care of your skin.  Because the sunny days are far sparse right now, it’s an excellent time to see your skin specialist for a peel or detox facial. Pair this with a strong at home beauty regime and you will have the dewy natural skin it takes to achieve this spring look! We really love using the AM/PM face wash and Rad Face scrub to achieve an at home glow!


The next part of this look is pretty easy to achieve, a natural full brow.  Ok, we say this with the most love in the world, but please put the tweezers and at home wax kits down! When you are growing out your brows every hair is crucial! Even tweezing one stray can change the entire shape of your brows.  Trust us babes, you’ll want to leave this part to the experts.  What you can play with is our brow gel.  This product is perfect for keeping those beautiful brows in place and adding a dash of color!  


The final phase of this look are those glossy lids.  This look is achieved in two steps. First, apply a shimmer shadow to the lid.  Something that doesn’t have glitter in it.  The peach hues in the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallete are amazing for this look.  Next, with your finger tap a gloss over the from the lash line to just passed the crease and let dry.  We really like The Eye Smudger from YSL because it creates a gloss effect without being sticky!


Pretty simple stuff right? Try it out and call or text to book that facial and brow shaping!