It’s the first of the month and that means Anastacia and Katie have opened their April books. Before you book online we wanted to go over a couple common questions about Micropigmentation. 

What the heck is Micropigmentation?

Unlike a traditional tattoo, micropigmentation is a form of artistry in which pigment is placed under your skin with a hand held tool.  This small tool allows the artist to create hair like strokes to add depth to your brows or scalp.  Unlike a traditional tattoo this technique is semi permanent which allows your artist to play with the shape and color of your service as the years progress.  A similar technique is used to create realistic freckles and beauty marks. 

Am I going to scar?

If micropigmentation is done correctly by a skillful artist there should be no scaring.  This would be a good time to talk about skill.  Anastacia has been performing this service for two full years and Katie respectively, a year.  They are extremely dedicated to their craft and have never scarred anyone.  We hope that you take the time to research your artist before committing to an appointment.  Look through before and afters, make sure they are reputable. 

Do you do consultations?

We do not do consultations.  We have provided ample amounts of information on or blog.  You will have a one on one consult before your service begins.  During that time your artist will go over desired style and answer any additional questions that you may have.  Be sure to ask all your questions while going through the numbing process.  Waiting till after to ask additional questions will affect the amount of time you are numb.  We want you to be completely comfortable so it is best to jump right into the appointment to insure you stay numb the entire time.

Wait, Does it hurt?

Pain is relative.  Some feel it more than others.  Overall it feels like little scratches.  You can feel it, but it isn’t unbearable.  We numb our clients before we begin and you may also purchase Numb Skin before your appointment if you’re really concerned about the pain.  Numb Skin is a topical anesthetic cream.

How long is the appointment?

We want to ensure enough time for every client to feel safe and happy.  We block off two hours for the appointment but the actual service is about 30-40 min.

We hope that will answer some immediate questions.  We also have a ton of information for you here.  Please read through everything before booking your appointment.



Virgin Tanners?

Virgin Tanners?