Virgin Tanners?

Virgin Tanners?

Spring has sprung early here in Nashville.  Which means you probably need a spray tan.  We decided to put together some tips for the first time tanners.  Or maybe just a refresher for you seasoned vets.

So you decided to get a tan and booked an appointment online.  What’s next? There are a few things to do the day of your appointment.  We recommend shaving and exfoliating before your appointment.  We also suggest ditching deodorant, body lotion, and oils for the day.  These products can cause your tan to streak or run.  Basically come in with fresh clean skin.

When you come to your appointment we recommend bringing a bikini bottom or pair of undies.  You are of course welcome to wear as little or as much as you like but tan lines for are great for first time tanners.  It’s a great way to see just how bronzy you are babe!  We also suggest bringing a set of loose fitting clothes to wear home.

After you check in for your appointment your tan expert will walk you through the tanning process.  She will apply a special lotion to your hands, which helps avoid streaking.  She will also suggest sticky feet, which will keep your feet clear from the bronzing solution. Your tan babe will discuss color with you, and go over developing time and aftercare.  She will then spray your body with bronzing solution, blot any blemished spots, and dry you off before sending you on your way.  The solution may feel a bit chilly, but the service shouldn’t last longer than six minutes.

Please keep in mind the aftercare you and your tan expert discuss.  It’s usually best not to wash your hands, workout, or wash your face until your tan has fully developed and you have showered.   Your tan may seem darker or blotchy while it’s developing, but when you shower you will be left with a silky glow!

This service is custom and varies from client to client.  If you get home and have any questions or concerns about your service be sure to give us a call or text.  We are happy to make this experience perfect for you!