Well babes, vacation season is among us.  Before you Bon Voyage, make time for these three services! 

1. Lash Lift and Tint

I woke up like this, I woke up like this!  A lash lift and tint is a must for flawless wakeup and go vacation lashes.  In this treatment your natural lash is tinted and then curled, creating a voluminous natural look. It lasts 6-8 weeks and is a great alternative to lash extensions. Book with Delaney before you head on vacation. 

2. Bikini + Brazilian

Chances are if you're going on vacation, you're probably going to be spending some time in a bikini.   We know this service can be a bit daunting.  Don't worry babe, we got you.  Kimberly will get you in and out of there before you have a chance to feel a thing.  If you're still a bit concerned about the pain you can purchase NumbSkin, a topical numbing agent that will relieve almost all pain. 

3. Bronze

Is it just us or does everyone just feel so much better after a beautiful bronze.  It's the perfect way to even out the skin tone.  Tans last about a week so if you're vacationing longer than that we recommend using out bronzing foam while on your trip to extend the life of your bronze.  You can book this service with Courtney, Katie, Kimberly, Delany, Jenna, or Jordan.  You can also read more about what to do before and after your tan to get the best results HERE.  

Date Night

Virgin Tanners?

Virgin Tanners?