Baby J's Brazilian Tips

Hey Gals, Baby J here.  Summer is in full swing and I'm so stoked.  Like a true California girl, if the Sun's out, my buns are out! This means regular brazilian maintenance is a must.  I've been and esthetician for six years, but the pain of a brazilian is something I've never gotten used to.  Over the years, and through lots of trial and error, I've discovered a few tricks to get through the ordeal. 


Hair Growth  

Give it at least two weeks of untouched growth.  I know this is itchy.  I know it's annoying, but it's necessary to get the best results. ANNNNND if you're going to put yourself through this don't you want to make sure you get the best results possible?!? Let it grow babe! 

On the flip side of that… don't let it grow too long.  I know very few of us are regular every 4-6 week waxers.  But you may want to keep in mind that the longer you wait in between waxes the more uncomfortable it can be.  When you're waxing every 4-6 weeks the hair thins and gets on the same growth cycle making your appointments less painful and quick! Don't wait for that next fun weekend in the sun to get waxed, start getting regular brazilians ASAP. 


Pre Appointment 

I usually book time with my girl Kimberly a week in advance.  Kimberly is in the studio Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  If you need an early week appointment Delaney is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Katie is available for waxing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  All three of these babes are excellent waxers.  I would trust all of them with my lady bits!  

The day of my appointment I use a mild exfoliant in the shower.  I love our Rad Face exfoliant.  It's gentle enough for all my areas. Holler.  After the shower I avoid lotion and exercise. Basically I want a fresh surface for my waxer.  I also pop an Aleve 30 min before my appointment.  If you're really worried about the pain we also sell a topical numbing cream which can be applied 30 min before your appointment as well.  And if you're really really worried about the pain we have a full bar in the studio which you are welcome to.  Shots! Shots! Shots! (Cue Lil Jon)



Limber up babes, stretch!  Just kidding, but expect to be in the butterfly position for most of your service.  No time for modesty here babes, we've seen it all and it ain't nothing new for us.  So chat it up with your waxer.  I usually fill Kimberly in on my latest life news.  I tell her how cute my boyfriend is and how I can't stop online shopping, Etc. Etc. This usually helps me focus on anything but the discomfort.  Since I wax every four weeks on the reg my appointment is relatively quick.  I almost never get ingrown hairs but in the rare case of one I ask Kimberly to treat the problem area.  She works magic with those damn ingrowns so if you book with her ask about this add on.  


Post Appointment

Avoid any activities which may cause excessive sweating.  Your pores are wide open so keep it clean ya'll!  I have sensitive skin so I usually apply Finipil (which we provide free of cost) after my wax.  I also use tea tree oil at home if the rare ingrown does occur.  That's it! Easy breezy right babes?



OH PS...

Laser Babes

It's totally safe to get waxed in between your laser sessions.  In fact it's better for you than shaving so get your cute butt in here for a wax!




Baby J 

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