PLEASE READ:  We don't doubt you've got a cute kid, but kids are NOT allowed in our Studio for many safety reasons.

If you must bring your super-well-behaved child to an appt they will not be allowed in the service rooms (tanning and micro rooms). This is to follow regulations created by TN State Board.

We appreciate it! 

[ F.A.Q. ]

Scheduling TIPS: When creating appointments for multiple services please book with the same service provider. Please call us if you are not finding your preferred time on our schedule for spray tanning, we also take walk-ins for tans! Services with Anastacia are for Micropigmentation only. However, everyone at A.S.S. is personally trained by Anastacia and is extremely talented!


Most Common Question: "I'm going on vacation this weekend and don't know when and what to do first in becoming a bronzed beautiful human." A: First book your pedi/mani, waxing, massages, etc BEFORE your spray tan. Say you leave Saturday morning.... well, I'd tan on Friday night... sleep in it, wake up early for a shower, then rush off to paradise.

. No, we don’t have tanning beds nor do we encourage you to bake your body in those crazy microwaves.

. Yes, we have the proper equipment to safely spray tan pregnant clients. 

. Waxing, pedicures, manicures, shaving, and workouts should be done before your tanning session. 

. You will be sprayed by a trained technician, a real live person, who then customizes your shade.

. We don’t care what you wear during your custom spray tan session. Most clients go naked. Big, little, short, tall, old, young…. you’re not the first nor last person we will see in their birthday suit, so don’t be bashful. With that said, we are not responsible for stained clothing.

. Each spray tan is a sugar based solution being sprayed on your skin and it takes about 6-8 hours to oxidize. Think of it this way, if you cut an apple open and let it sit out it starts to turn brown, this is exactly how your spray works. While it’s oxidizing avoid water, duh. This is going to remove your tan before your initial shower! If you decide to sleep in your tan, please protect your sheets. We are not responsible for any stained clothing or sheets. 

. Don’t be alarmed when you take your first shower and the excess bronzer washes off. Blot dry, use a good lotion, and admire yourself in the mirror! 

. You may look tan but you are not tan. The use sunscreen is suggested if you plan to be in the sun.

. You will see your beautiful glowing skin fade a shade with each shower or swim. Limit hot water, over exfoliating, etc for maximum results. Usually lasts 5-7 days.


. The difference between bikini, brazilian, and partial is just hair. 

Brazilian: takes all hair, with the option to leave a shape on the front. (all hair means every last strand from front to back) partial: leaves hair on labia. bikini: takes care of everything that would peak out of a bikini. please be very specific when letting your waxologist know what you want. 

. To avoid ingrowns or irritation please wait 24 hrs before sharing your new look with a loved one.

. Touch-up prices are for return clients who wax within a 4 week timeframe.

. Hair is wax ready when it is at least the length of a grain of rice. The longer the better. However, trimming is an extra fee if required to get the job done. 

. The truth hurts and honestly, waxing isn’t always pain free. If you have a low pain tolerance or are prone to swelling or redness, take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment. 

. As believers in the beauty of the bold brooke shields’ brow, you will not walk away with a horror story of your brows being taken against your will, you can trust us!

. We offer a variety of wax options to accommodate all preferences. 


. We aren’t your “steam. cream. send you on your way” skin studio. Meaning, our skin therapist are known to explain products or skin issues to you during treatment. You might just learn something.

. We use ANASTACIA Skin Care products in every skin treatment.

. Our Skin Therapist focus on educating clients on their skin and how to use the appropriate products for specific skin issues or concerns.

. A bit of sensitivity and rosiness to the skin can appear after a treatment.

. Yes, you can apply makeup after your treatment but it’s best to let your fresh skin breathe and soak up the effects of your treatment. 

. Caring for your skin in between visits is very important- a good home care regimen is crucial. 


. If you need to cancel a facial or waxing appointment it’s a nice gesture to call or text us ahead of time. Preferably 24-48 hours notice...

. Be honest on your waiver. This helps us to avoid issues with allergies or sensitivities during your service. 

. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left behind. 

. Feel free to leave a nice note on Yelp or FB about your experience! We love reviews.